Why Book With EasyQurban.com?

Why Book With EasyQurban.com?

At EasyQurban, we make your Qurban and Aqiqah booking smooth sailing.

Established in 2018, We are the First Qurban platform to implement Digital booking with Instant Certificate customization and delivery.

Qurban Singapore Online | Easyqurban.com

✅ Easy booking and payment process for Qurban
✅ Instant and customization Certification (auto) upon booking. Cert will be sent to your email directly after payment.
✅ For Mekkah and Indonesia, we will send UPDATES on your Qurban Process
✅ For Australia, SMS updates will be sent to all customer to arrange their deliveries at a given range date.
✅ Australia chilled meat will be sent in a Styrofoam box to maintain quality

If you order with us,

❌  No need to wait 2-3 months for your certificate. All will be instant
❌ No need to keep checking when your Qurban is ready. We will update you constantly on the progress
❌ No WhatsApp photo spamming. We understand that some photos/video files are big and will take up space on your phone. So everything will be sent via email and you can download them at your convenience.